domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011

  Hello my name is Niquelly Duarte 
        My age is 20 years old
    Student of Industrial Relations Urbe
     I like to take pictures, playmusic and dance.

 My teacher is Doris Molero.
"This is my blogs" 

I post here all the activities from de section N311
English class in Urbe.

My Friends:

  • Elyzabeth Gutierres, like eat, dance and talk with friends. Has 20 years old, studying public accountant and lives in Maracaibo and speaks Spanish and some English. 
  • Alberto Lanciato, like listening to music (Romantic and rock). Has 20 years old, studying public accountant and lives in Maracaibo and speaks Spanish, English and Italian.

This poem is for the most important person in my life  "My dad" <3

When I was born my father was a being who at times appeared to applaudmy latest achievements.

When I got older, was a figure who taught me the difference between good and evil.

During my adolescence was the authority to set limits me to my wishes.

Now that I'm an adult, is the best counselor and friend I have.